Navigating a wiki is very easy. Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to use this wiki.


  • At the end, as well as beginning of each page, there is a navigation box that also displays all the pages; it is also an easy way to navigate.
  • The sitemap offers a handy list of all the pages and a helpful way to navigate between pages.
  • The sitemap, along with all other pages, can be accessed through the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Hover the mouse over the "Wiki Content" tab and click a link. The Reactions and Solutions page are accessible through a drop-down menu from the "Reactions and Solutions" subcategory. In the "Other Pages" drop-down menu, the Sitemap, Reference list and Map are available.
  • Additionally, if there is a specific page you wish to search for, use the search box in the top-right corner of the screen. (Not Recommended)
  • Finally, all the pages on this wiki are accessible through the "Content" category. On all pages, the link to the category will be provided at the bottom of the page. (Not Recommended)
  • Clicking on blue links within pages, such as this, will lead you to the linked page.
  • External links will often have symbols such as this after them. (A link to Google is provided as an example).
  • Hover the mouse over links to see where they lead. The url for the link's destination should display oin the bottom-left or -right corner, in a small, gray box.
  • Clicking the logo at the top of every page will direct you to the Main Page

Additional information Edit

  • All currencies are in U.S. dollars (USD) unless specified otherwise.
  • This wiki uses British English spelling.
  • This wiki is designed to be displayed with ads. AdBlock may cause pages to display incorrectly or different from intended.
  • This wiki is also designed to be displayed on a medium-sized (approx. 1280x760 pixels) screen. Significantly larger or smaller screens may result in pages being displayed incorrectly.
  • Most pages have been blocked to prevent vandalism. However, comments on each page are possible. To comment, go to the bottom of a page and a box will appear. Type a comment in the box and press the "Post comment" button. You do not need to be logged in to comment.
  • On the Causes page, limited information regarding each section is provided. For further information about the causes of each disaster, click the link at the top of the section.
  • The main information for each section is listed on the Impact page. Links at the top of each section redirect to the main page about that section.
  • On the Solutions page, green text such as this indicates our criticism, both positive and negative, of solutions proposed by others. .
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